Carbon dating analysis

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The samples will be delivered to our Miami lab faster via overnight courier services.

Andrew Pal and Pat Patodia will take charge of communications in the region,” says Mauricio Larenas, the company’s business development manager.

“India-based clients will now have an easier and more convenient way of submitting their samples to us.

By sending their packages to our New Delhi office instead of sending them directly to Miami, they will have less paperwork and lesser cost.

Beta Analytic’s New Delhi office is located at Phytolith Research Institute 3, Pragati Near Kakade Park in Chinchwad Pune.

Note that I only verify the assessment of the radiocarbon dating results, NOT the conversion into calendar ages.The raw 'uncalibrated' radiocarbon ages are given in radiocarbon years before the present day (BP) but these do not equate directly to actual calendar years due to variations in atmospheric carbon over time.To account for this the radiocarbon ages have to be 'calibrated' against tree-ring data to produce a calendar date range.Archaeological Research Services Ltd in collaboration with English Heritage have been at the forefront of recent developments including the use of Bayesian probability modelling to date the internationally renowned Mesolithic house site at Howick.ARS Ltd provides a complete radiocarbon dating service including assistance with sample selection, analysis, calibration and, if appropriate, Bayesian mathematical modelling.

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