Case knife dating system carbon dating evolution evidence

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Both standard yellow composition and “flat yellow” composition can be found on XX knives.Standard yellow is slightly translucent, while flat yellow is opaque.These knives with transitory markings can be found in XX to USA, USA to ten dots, and in various combinations of dots, with eight to ten dots being the most common for the 6488. The collector should be aware that minor variations in many of these stampings are not so unusual.The knife in question would be considered a USA, XX, ten dot, etc. Whenever a worn-out or broken die was replaced, the replacement die was occasionally not identical to its predecessor.Named after the Rogers Manufacturing Company of Rockfall, Connecticut, which produced it.This was a standard style of bone handle common throughout the knife industry from the 1930s to the 1960s.One may see this variation on some Tested XX knives.

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XX Knives - Many collectors prefer the XX era above all others, and with the high quality and the wide variety of handled materials used it’s easy to understand why.When the pattern numbers were stamped on each knife produced.A Case pattern number usually consists of four digits.Delrin handled knives of this era are usually worth little more than there “using” value, except in the case of a popular pattern in which the rarity of a particular Delrin handled knife has long been established.“Rogers Bone” handled knives – Occasionally a knife will be encountered with bone handles jigged in a style that seems unusual for a Case knife. R.” and “Bradford” marked knives, collectors will sometimes encounter bone handles jigged with short, and deep cuts in what appears to be a random pattern.

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