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The officer for the Springfield Police Department wrote about the post: 'hahahaha love this, maybe people shouldn't block roads.'He also criticized someone else's comment calling the alleged perpetrator, 20-year-old James Alex Fields, a white supremacist. Heather Heyer, 32 (left), was killed when a suspected white supremacist, James Alex Fields (right), crashed his car into a group of counter protesters on Saturday, supporting the removal of a statue to Robert E Lee In yet another post on the thread, Lariviere hit back at critics who found his post baffling.'Are you serious? I took immediate steps to initiate a prompt and thorough internal investigation,' Barbieri wrote in an email to Mass Live. 'I'm a good man who made a stupid comment and would just like to be left alone.'Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri says he received a complaint about the comment Sunday and opened an internal investigation.

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Okay, it’s time to have an open and frank discussion about the battle of the sexes and the dating game.

The court was also told how Yigit made sexual advances on another woman while investigating the theft of her van.

He slipped his hands under her bra straps and rubbed her shoulders when she became upset about the theft.

Ian Brooke, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court how one day between September and December 2016, Yigit appeared at her house under the pretence of surveilling drug activity at a neighbour's house.

He said: 'She asked him if he had done anything about the drug dealing and he said he would go upstairs to have a look out of the window.'He then asked if he could go into the bedroom to get a better view.'Once in there he turned around and said, "do me favours and I'll do you a favour".'He knew how desperate she was to get out of her situation.'She asked him what he meant and he told her he was on his lunch hour so could not do a lot but they could meet elsewhere and for everything she did he would make she get into a nice refuge. He pushed her gently towards the bed.' Mr Brooke said Yigit asked the woman to perform a sex act on him.

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