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I dedicate an entire chapter to loving again after loss, be it following on from separation, divorce or widowhood.

Having the ability and tools to do this, and to make space for new love, is crucial.

This book is dedicated to single women, separated women and widowed and bereaved women of all shapes, sizes and life situations.

Perhaps you’re already enjoying a great life, and the cherry on the cake would be finding a fabulous man to share it with.

There’s an effective and a way of going about the search for a partner or a slap-dash, hit and miss approach. Your time is valuable, and your happiness is precious – so please make space in your busy schedule and join me on this awesome journey.

Part three, “Moving from first date to soulmate”, spells out the vital ingredients for lasting relationship success. This isn’t a book which is to be read and then stuck back on the shelf without further action.

I also include a section on practising relationship mindfulness. Far from being the latest wishy-washy New Age fad, it’s a scientifically-proven mechanism for fostering inner growth.

Mindfulness is powerful, yet simple – a transformative tool in our emotional and spiritual bag of tricks.

We’re human and we make mistakes, and as we age it can feel petrifying even to contemplate re-entering the relationship jungle. After a considerable amount of research, I realised that there’s a dearth of mature dating self-help books for women.

I decided that the time had come for me to produce my own route map for women; after all, I’m only too familiar with how jaded and disillusioned we can become when we’re searching for love.

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