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We use this at our office and have had great success in keeping our computer protected. AVG Anti-Virus This anti-virus program is FREE for all single home users (download only).This is an excellent solution for your virus protection.Rebeltec does not do any content filtering, we provide the "raw" internet. Phishing is the term used when online crooks pretend to be financial institutions or legitimate companies and send spam or pop-up messages to try to get you to reveal your personal information .Please refer to the Terms and Conditions Agreement. They also make "fake" websites to look like the real thing.It is fast becoming one of the most widely used Anti-virus programs. You can also buy a copy of AVG Anti-virus online that provides technical support.e Trust EZ Antivirus Not only is it easy to use, Computer Associates, a Colorado Company, made it. Norton Anti Virus This is probably the most popular of anti-virus programs on the market and comes as the standard anti-virus program on most new computers. Norton also does an online tech support that is really helpful.It's more affordable then the more popular anti-virus programs, but offers the same results. Can be purchased at Walmart or online through Norton's Website..These e-mails are NOT from us, but rather from somewhere else, trying to gain your personal information (called phishing). ANY and ALL e-mails that come from our office will say "Rebeltec Technical Support" and use the e-mail address [email protected]

The website may look legit, but may still be a fake.

You must keep your updates (protections/patches against new viruses) current and run a complete system scan on your computer at least twice a week.

Microsoft Security Essentials This is a FREE anti-virus and spyware program that is available for both residential and commercial use.

When purchasing the program, we recommend you buy the disk with it, just in case you ever need to reinstall it on your computer.

Mc Afee Anti Virus Probably the second most popular program because it comes standard on many new computers. Can be purchased at Walmart or online through Mc Afee's Website. If you do not currently have an up-to-date subscription to an anti-virus program and have a virus on your computer, you cannot install a new anti-virus program until your computer is completely free of all viruses.

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