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It is the rule, whenever the glans or any part of the penis has fallen off, or has been cut away, that the foreskin should not be preserved, lest it come into contact, and adhere to the ulceration, so that afterwards it cannot be drawn back, and further perhaps may choke the urethra.This rare instance of medical circumcision is clearly not a rationale for the indiscriminate amputation of the healthy prepuce of healthy infants in any context.In many parts there is manifest ornamentation, though at times this is obscured by the brilliance of their usefulness.The ears show obvious ornamentation, and so, I suppose, does the skin called the prepuce [ποσθη] at the end of the penis and the flesh of the buttocks.In the domain of pleasures, for instance, the longer prepuce often serves as the object of erotic interest and as a signifier of the sexually attractive male, as demonstrated by the following ribald passage from the of Lucian: "Surely," I said, "you don't mean that notable Dion, that lusty, low-scrotumed, cuntish, and mastic-chewing youth who masturbates and gropes whenever he sees someone with a large penis [πεωδη] and a long prepuce [ποσθωνα]?

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An iconographic representation of this feature of male excellence can be seen in the well-known masterpiece of Attic red-figure vase painting, attributed by J. Beazley to the Sosias painter, in which Achilles binds the wounded arm of Patroklus.(or any of its alternative forms, such as ακροποσθια and ακροποσθιη) designates the tapered, tubular, visually defining portion of the prepuce that extends beyond the glans and terminates at the preputial orifice.When we speak of the iconographic representation of the long prepuce, we are really speaking of the long made their first appearance, attempts to explain it through comparative anatomy: Now the eyelid is encased with skin; and that is why neither the eyelid nor the akroposthia will reunite, because both are skin without flesh.He's the very spitting image of you in every way, including his [cute little] prepuce [ποσθων] —it's just like yours, twisted like a pine catkin.Given that this is a humorous context in which the audience is meant to laugh at the old woman's impertinence and colorful language, the notion that the prepuce could serve as a standard against which to measure family resemblance should not be injudiciously extrapolated to Athenian society as a whole.

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