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You want to know what these things are, believe me.

You don’t want to freak her out because you thought that it’s cute to touch her hair. The Farang Uniform consists of two pieces of clothes, the tank top and the short trousers.

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Turn the entire issue upon her, quoting examples of how her behavior can reach either extremes and how this has started making people talk about her having a split personality syndrome.Now, when you start an argument about her controlling nature, try to push the argument towards what makes her do such things.Try to ask her why she is so afraid of trusting you that she has to supervise every aspect of your life.Be rude and upfront as you notify her that the kind of car you are planning to buy and how you make your annual investments are beyond her realm of control.The idea is not to make her feel unwanted or degraded but to demarcate what aspects of your life are beyond her controlling nature.

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