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It is rather hard work: there is now no smooth road into the future: but we go round, or scramble over the obstacles.

We've got to live, no matter how many skies have fallen. She married Clifford Chatterley in 1917, when he was home for a month on leave. Then he went back to Flanders: to be shipped over to England again six months later, more or less in bits.

Heaven knows why, for she was a woman who had her own income and her own way. But as a matter of fact, it was some old impression of authority on her own mind or soul that she could not get rid of.

The only unfortunate thing was that men lagged so far behind women in the matter. That the poets and talkers about sex did not seem to have taken sufficiently into account. 'Seven-o'clock blowers a bit sin'.' 'I suppose I must.' She was resenting as she always did, the compulsion from outside. She told Connie one day: 'I lost twenty-three shillings to Sir Clifford last night.' 'And did he take the money from you? Meanwhile, it seemed to Connie, Clifford was really going deader.

Both sisters had had their love experience by the time the war came, and they were hurried home. ' and she quickly kissed the soft penis, that was beginning to stir again. ' said the man, stretching his body almost painfully. Yet I wouldn't have him killed.' 'No wonder men have always been afraid of him! 'He's rather terrible.' The quiver was going through the man's body, as the stream of consciousness again changed its direction, turning downwards.

Neither was ever in love with a young man unless he and she were verbally very near: that is unless they were profoundly interested, talking to one another. And he was helpless, as the penis in slow soft undulations filled and surged and rose up, and grew hard, standing there hard and overweening, in its curious towering fashion.

The amazing, the profound, the unbelievable thrill there was in passionately talking to some really clever young man by the hour, resuming day after day for months..they had never realized till it happened!

The paradisal promise: Thou shalt have men to talk to! It was fulfilled before they knew what a promise it was.

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