Naughty chatting robot

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Once you’ve done that, make a note of your ‘consumer key’, ‘consumer secret’, ‘access token’ and ‘access token secret’.

Also make sure that your app has ‘write’ permission.

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The model for Tay here is, after all, how the rest of us learn.

Young people go online today and are bombarded with all manner of hateful rhetoric like this, whether it's on Twitter, or in chatrooms or other forums where it proliferates.

They learn from what they read others saying, and, without a bulwark of context to protect them against the vitriol, it's easy for this manner of thinking to infect.

Instead of teaching the robot a lesson on how to behave like a human, the robot taught us a lesson on what we're really like.

The phrase "garbage in, garbage out" doesn't apply just to computers, but people too.

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