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The timing and circumstances of that movement continues to be debated but the evidence points to it occurring by 12,000 BCE.

Contacts after that, however, are hugely controversial, and various claims have been made for Africans, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Israelites, Romans, Arabs, Japanese, Chinese, Polynesians, and others visiting or settling in the Americas, all prior to the Norse reaching Newfoundland around the year 1000 CE.

Secret truths are power in the minds of the enlightened few.

Now of course, new discoveries are being made all the time, and previously dismissed theories sometimes come to be recognized as correct.

And if anything, the face on the interior looks more like something produced by the local Tiwanaku culture (ca. So why does the ‘Fuente Magna’ bowl (it is unclear how it got the name) continue to resonate? For one thing, there is the question of contacts between the New World and the Old World. Humans evolved in the Old World (Africa, actually), left that continent for Asia, and eventually schlepped to the New World.The desire to connect local cultures with the presumably ‘superior’ (or at least chronologically anterior) cultures of the Old World has many motives.For ‘British Israelites’ of the 19 century and a few Chinese of the 21st (who see their civilization founded by Egyptians), the exercise is connecting with myths of ancient nobility.One scholar translated the inscription, which deals with the Goddess Nia, and believes the bowl was produced by Sumerians and dates to around 3000 BCE.The problem however is that the object was not found in an archaeological excavation; it simply appeared.

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