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He wanted it to have a touch of that Medieval feel, as well. That’s the game room…we’re going up there in just a sec. I guess when you live in desert country, pools are a good thing to have. Okay, let’s head upstairs and check out the gaming area. The entire upstairs area is dedicated to gaming and having fun.

Jonathan, along with an older brother, JD are both big gamers so they enjoy playing their gaming systems here. Just outside the door from the game room there’s a nice veranda for soaking up the sun and the views.

Jonathan and Drew Scott are Scottish and they’ve been collecting Medieval weapons since childhood.

Notice the sword there above the TV…that’s Drew’s favorite piece from their collection.

Neither of the brothers is married although they have had (and may still have) girlfriends, something I learned when I came across their Podcast while researching this post.

I only listened to part of one show but they did bring up girlfriends. 😉 Drew and Jonathan’s home is located in Las Vegas and here’s a view of it from the outside. Wait until you see the inside and the back pool area!

I’ve never really given it much thought until I came across a video where the brothers were giving a tour of their home.

They have great personalities and they play off each other so well in the show.So the dining room is apparently just inside the front door.Drew and Jonathan completed a full renovation of their home. I think that’s the kitchen off to the left where we see the chairs around an eat-in bar area.In addition to Property Brothers, the Scott brothers are the stars of several other shows including Have you ever wondered where the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott actually live?Where does a TV star Realtor and his TV star builder brother live?

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