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Their choreography was strongly linked to the music, down to flamenco head snaps, dress whips, and arm accents.

The integration of their moves is astounding, true ice DANCING!

Marlie: I felt as if I was watching an improvisation, being created before my eyes, and responding organically to the music.

It was fiery, full of surprise, and perfectly paced. How do they hold up to this pressure with such grace? Faella & Scali: They skated with such joy to Rota’s Belgosto: They just could not maintain the level of energy in the arena that Virtue & Moir had set.

They appeared to skate with tons of speed, and were surprisingly exciting and on the edge here. I’ll REALLY miss their honesty and the levity they provided the sport.

Pechalat & Bourzat: Their final signature lift was partially aborted, apparently due to a loss of balance…GASP!

As Tracy Wilson said, ice dancing used to be mocked as Well, these days, with the degree of technical difficulty and artistic brilliance, that’s a less commonly held sentiment.At least some adjustments were made, thankfully including the removal of his brown face makeup.I wondered why Aboriginals would do an Eskimo kiss (their final move).I imagine this is an effort to try to drill it into viewer’s heads that figure skating is actually HARD WORK!Well, when you look at a skater like Lambiel doing his Olympic ice run through, perhaps some of the other skaters do need to take note of Evan’s training.

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