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It was about 6 hours to sundown, and I would wait here until then, unless the tactical situation required me to haul ass, suddenly.

Walking fast in the Iraqi sun causes massive sweating, and requires a corresponding massive input of water, which I didn't have.

Lakes, I guess you could call them, although I had no idea where the water came from.

The problem was, that the distance I estimated to be about two hundred kilometers. Once I made it to the lakes, my water problem would be reset and I could then plan the next course of action.

Suliman's - An erotic school in Turkey that turns out exquisite courteseans whose skills are indicated by the color of their silk neck ware.

These are not usually slaves or bound women and are known as silk girls. Tarkan's - A slavery, also in Turkey, where any and all kinds of women are collected, bought and sold.

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Unfortunately, a blind man could follow my footprints in the sand. I continually looked over my shoulder and then around in all directions for any pursuers, but saw no one.I didn't exactly jump to my feet, but I managed to assume a somewhat vertical stance as I looked around at the disaster.It didn't resemble a flying machine at all - just several piles of burning machinery surrounded by pieces and shards of metal.A direct walk to the north back to Bagdad would take me through the active uprising area.I probably couldn't get through there alive with an entire company for escort.

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