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I understand if you wonder if it was really necessary to have three people in the costume department.

Everyone laughed and asked why we needed a costume designer when the characters are going to be naked all the time.

Well, then he couldn’t last that long, because he needed some air…so his technique was to escape from the frame by diving under the water.

Rodrigues: In the beginning of the drowning scene, we don’t really understand if they are playing or not.

I worked on it with the help of two old accomplices, Roy Genty and Laurent Lunetta.

Rodrigues: I saw that three people had set design credits and I thought, “There are not many sets in this film.” Guiraudie: They are actually credited as the artistic direction department, and then they appear again as the costume department.

That was already in place from the beginning of the writing and the shooting. That’s when I thought of it as a succession of consecutive days.

Guiraudie: During the writing I didn’t think that the next day had to be the day after…but finally during the editing it ended up like this.

João Pedro Rodrigues: I’ve watched L’inconnu du lac twice, and now realize that the film takes place over ten days. Rodrigues: Only on the ninth day do you omit the establishing shot of the parking lot, which introduces all the other nine days.

Was this shot already planned when you were writing?

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