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Trump, as he sadly tends to do, then made a bad error of judgement immeasurably worse.

First, by falsely claiming his predecessors like Barack Obama didn’t call relatives of slain servicemen.

Put yourself first with these tips for dating after bereavement: If you’ve met someone you really like, you’ll be forgiven for feeling a little anxious on finding out they’ve experienced such a loss.

Dating a widower or widow comes with a few things to remember, such as putting away the worry that you’re being compared to their previous partner, or feeling like you have to be perfect in comparison.

Yet when Sheila Murphy was directly asked if she had heard from the White House, she said: ‘No, but it’s OK...

I just want people to remember my son'This morning, Calvin appeared on CNN with his wife Sheila.

Embrace the older, wiser you and date with the confidence that you are surrounded by people just like you; all Love Begins At’s members will either understand your circumstances or have had a similar experience of their own.

Dating after such a loss is a little different than when you dated in your younger years, not least because you’ve been through one of the hardest things in your life.

This would have been a ridiculous and deeply offensive thing to say at any time.

But to do it as an obvious blame-distraction tactic when you’re having a heap of entirely justified opprobrium pouring on your head is even more contemptible.

But, think on it: you’re more mature, you’ve gotten to know yourself, and you’re looking for something more substantial than a string of trips to a noisy bar.

Your life experiences are something that made you who you are today.

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